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What is the best Pocket Chainsaw?

Best pocket chainsaw

Are you a homeowner that loves a neat surrounding? Maybe you are a camper or a survivalist. If so, then you be interested with a pocket chainsaw. It is designed to be used manually in clearing out rugged bushes and vines and cutting trees and logs. It qualifies as one of the top survival gears available today. The handles are also made with rope to enable the saw to cut when pulled on either side. Unfortunately, many people have no idea how to use a pocket chainsaw. Luckily, this article will give insight into how to use one.

How to use a Pocket Chainsaw

A pocket chainsaw is just like the typical chainsaw, except that it gets designed smaller and lighter to fit into your pocket, hence the name. The purpose also is the same, but a pocket saw does lighter tasks like cutting smaller trees and clearing bushes. The fact that this chainsaw is portable makes a significant difference. Imagine you stuck for many hours in a place with no people or contact. How do you survive the situation? Owning a survival pocket saw would make it easier for you.

Using a pocket chainsaw is easy; even kids can use them. You only need to pull the handles on either side to cut the wood. But unlike the general chainsaw that uses power to cut, you will need to use your energy to cut while using this hand pull chain saw.

Thanks to the advent in technology, the market is now flooded with pocket chainsaws of different types, colours, and designs. As a result, many users get confused on what best pocket chainsaw to buy. But you need not worry; we have done detailed research and come up with a list of the top portable chainsaws on the market today.

Note that -as you may have saw in the video-, pocket chainsaw are not here to compare with regular saw and folding / pruning saw. On the contrary, they are just the lighest and most transportable saw you can find, but based on the caracteristics listed before, it is impossible to make it as strong and hard cutting as a traditional saw!

So which one to buy?

It’s actually kind of hard to differentiate pocket chainsaw as they all look and work the same way. The key differentiators are the following ones:

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Sharpeness & blade quality

Below is a list of pocket chainsaw that have been tested and have proven to match the criteria listed before!

SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw 

Are you a hunter or own a home? This chainsaw got designed for you. It is practical and handy. Its ability to cut smoothly and fast has made it popular with many users. The chain is made from heat-treated steel, while the handles are rugged with metal brackets. It comes with a nylon-made front-snap case for carrying it.

Top pick
$15 – $19
SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw
  • It is perfect for backpacking (you can put it in its reinforced bag to make sure not to cut yourself)
  • Efficient to quickly saw small to medium sized tree limbs into usable wood for a lifesaving fire, shelter or to build a rescue signal fire
  • Two way bi-directional cutting teeth reduces binding and hang ups, 24” to 36″ chain saw chain
  • The rope blade is made of heat treated high strength carbon alloy and steel for long lasting durability; super strong ballistic nylon straps
  • And bonus, it comes with a Magnesium fire rod for emergency fire starting included along with a built-in compass and whistle to make it easy for rescuers to see and hear you

Loggers Art Gens 48 Inch (high reach tree limb hand rope chain saw)

Could you be searching for a light, sturdy, sharp, and flexible camping saw? Then this rope chain saw might interest you. It weighs only 14 ounces, making it a strong tool to carry around. It long size (48″) allows you to reach high areas (e.g. branches) so you can cut things that are out of your reach. But obviously this remains a multi-function saw that can also cut bones, rubber, plastic, and soft metal. Re-sharpening it is a downhill task and requires no special maintenance.

Top alternative
Loggers Art Gens
  • 62 Sharpest Carbon Steel Teeth. This pocket saw has an upgraded 48 Inch chain with 50% more blades than most market chain.
  • It rips through anything from thin branches to large tree trunks in seconds. 
  • Comes with a tough nylon front snap storage pouch and one drawstring bundle pocket.
  • Compared to other saws that are simply made with a thinner chain & handles, this one is definitely more robust and long lasting.
  • 100% Iron clad lifetime guarantee for the blade
  • Also comes with a 8 mm diameter random color magnesium Fire Starter, let you enjoy the most perfect use experience)


It is the best hand saw for hiking, camping and adventures but also for quick garden maintenance and tree cutting. If you’re looking for more advanced or regular work, then you should rather look for traditional handsaw. Based on our experience and different feedbacks, pocket chainsaw cut on average a 2-3 – inch branch in seconds. If you are looking for a gardening or expedition saw that will last long, easy to sharpen, and has handles with a good grip, you should consider getting yourself this chainsaw.

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