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What is the best Oscillating Scraper in 2020?

SKIL PWR CORE 12 Brushless 12V Oscillating Tool Kit

A power scraper is a multi-functional power tool making life a lot easier for DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Many come with different attachments to suit particular tasks, from stripping paint to removing plaster.

Using an electric scraper has so many advantages. For starters, it’s a lot quicker, enabling you to finish the job in a much faster time. There are so many situations in which an electric scraper can be used, giving you plenty of opportunity to make use of such an amazing tool.

Using a regular scraper can be hard work, leading to tiredness and sore hands, as well as risk of injury. A simple job that can be done in minutes using a power tool can take an hour or more using a normal scraper. Many power tools are very affordable and easily pay for themselves in the amount of time you save.

Our recommendation – SKIL PWR CORE 20V

In this article you’ll discover some of the many uses an electric scraper can be used for, plus comparisons to a manual tool. Many power scraper tools come with different attachments to suit various tasks. After checking and testing dozens of oscillating tools, the ToolsSeeker team has finally decided to pick the SKIL PWR CORE 20V as our top recommendation.

Top pick

Strong historical quality from SKIL

Standard removable head for multi-purpose work

Wireless and light portable tool

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Why Skil over other brands?

Those days, there are so many brands offering oscillating tools with multi-head functions. It’s kind of hard to navitage through this very large offer and distinguish what is the best model. Not to mention the new brands that try to challenge the statu-quo of well established manufacturers.

So why Skil? First because this brands has been around for almost a 100 years! Second, because we are talking about a German-based company. For those who are in DYI, home repair, mechanic, etc., we all know how reliable and satisfying German conception can be. Third, Skil has a long lasting track record of innovation and great inventions. Among others, we can mention how strong they have been building portable saws and power tools, including the famous Skill 77 known as « the saw that built America ». Finally, we have seen over the last decade a shift in Skil’s strategy. Until the 2000s, Skil was mostly focusing on industrial & professional grade tools. Nevertheless, they have now managed to extend their offer in order to propose tools for DYI enthousiasts and other neophytes. The direct consequence is that they have lower the overall pricing of their tools without losing the industrial quality.

To put it in a nuthsell, all the key criteria that one should consider when buying an oscillating tool are easily matched by Skil, and probably with one the most competitive pricing you will find in the market!

Why the PWR CORE 20V model?

Not only do you get a very powerful 20,000+ oscillation / minute with 6 speed variations, but you also get a large set of blades & heads to suit different tasks. This makes it very versatile and there are numerous household tasks you could use it for.

Skil PWR CORE 20V body

The battery is among the most long lasting you can find for an oscillator, the Lithium core has an innovative temperature management system to keep the battery cool and powering on through your project.

But the best part is probably the comfort. As you all know, doing some scraping can last for hours and hours! With its slim body, the Skil 20V is ergonomic and has an optimal balance. In addition, its grip and integrated vibration reduction system helps any worker to gain comfort even on very long projects. The tool and the battery together only wait 4 pounds.

Heads are also super flexibles, you can pick between 6 angles to make sure you will scrap basically anything you want. Note that the head base is of a great conception and never gets loose.

Heads can be replaced easily so you can adapt the head depending on the type of work you’re performing. Note that the head sizing matches market’s standards, meaning that you can pick any head from any brand you want. It is particularly efficient with sanding paper head, HCS wood blade and HCS segment blades as well as with ridig scraper head.

Example of heads that can be plugged

How about the applications?

A decent Floor scraper

As a floor scraper, the Skil 7710 will make light work of glue residues or stubborn debris! With 4 electric scraper attachments to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the right one for the task.

Cleaning new flooring is made so much easier with an electric floor scraper. After installing your new vinyl flooring you may find excess glue on some of the boards, or between the seams. Trying to remove it with a hand scraper may damage the flooring, as it’s all too easy to get carried away! Removing stubborn patches of glue is hard work, and an electrical scraper is safer as it glides through with no force required. You’ll need to hold the scraper at an angle of 15-30 degrees to the ground as you work

Removing gum and ground in dirt off floors

There’s nothing worse than finding bits of hard gum stuck to the floor. Kids are notoriously messy, and no matter how much you try and keep your home clean; you’re often fighting a losing battle!

Using a power floor scraper tool like the SKIL PWR CORE quickly lifts up gum and hard to remove dirt. Use the spatula tool for this job to avoid damaging your flooring.

If you’re using a hand scraper, place a small bag of ice cubes over the gum to harden it. This makes it easier to remove. Make sure you use a plastic scraper as metal could cut into the flooring.

Good as an electric paint scraper.

If you’re renovating the exterior of your house, and want to scrape off old paint, you have the option of using a manual scraper which would make the job extremely tedious or investing in a quality power tool. SKIL PWR CORE 20 can transform this task into one that’s fun, quick, and easy.

Pick the steel scraper tool for this job and watch how fast this amazing tool glides through paint, stripping it from the walls. The SKIL PWR CORE 20 has an ergonomic design with a soft grip handle. This makes covering large areas such as an exterior wall much more comfortable.

The SKIL PWR CORE 20 is a cordless electric scraper and does not require an outdoor extension cable for working outside. 

Fantastic for removing plaster from walls

Renovating a home can be fun and exciting but can also take many long hours of work. Power tools can save a ton of time, in particular, fiddly jobs such as removing excess plaster. The SKIL PWR CORE 20 makes this a breeze! Use the steel blade for scraping large areas of plaster off walls. Then, use the spatula scraper tool for easy removal of hardened plaster on flooring.

Scraping off adhesive after removing carpets.

Replacing carpets is fun. Maybe you want laminate flooring, and a large rug to give a homely feel. However, once the carpet is lifted you may find areas of adhesive. being faced with large areas of stubborn adhesive can be daunting. Let the SKIL PWR CORE 20 power scraper do the work for you.

Sanding & renovating furniture

There’s nothing as exciting as watching a piece of old furniture come to life again after loving restoration. Make the whole process easier with an electrical scraper tool. The SKIL PWR CORE 20 has blades designed for chiselling. This is great for adding grooves or removing decayed wood. Always try to replace wood with that of a similar grain.

Use the spatula tool for removing old layers of paint. You can then either varnish the wood or paint. Whether shabby chic or modern, you can transform your old wooden chairs or tables with the help of this handy and very powerful multi-functional tool.

Woodturning and polishing

The SKIL PWR CORE 20 electric scraping tool makes an ideal companion for your woodturning projects. Create beautiful wood designs with ease. Whether bowls, lamps, clocks or plates, using the chisel or scraper blade can help turn wood into an art form!

You can even work on ceramic tiles & putty

Removing ceramic tiles and putty ready for re-tiling is a breeze with an electrical scraper. Simply insert the correct scraper blade and gently push against the tile edge to lever it up.

The SKIL PWR CORE 20 is perfect for this job due to its ease of use. With its powerful adaptable motor and 6 speed settings, you’ll soon remove old tiles. You’ll also scrape off putty and other unwanted debris in no time, leaving a nice smooth surface to work on. Excess putty looks unsightly and quickly hardens but using SKIL PWR CORE 20 you’ll slice through it like butter. Simply insert the correct scraper blade into the head and watch how easy it is.

Removing debris and remains from door rabbets

If you’re renovating wooden doors in your home, you may need to strip out bits of old wood from the door rabbets. This tedious task is a breeze with the SKIL PWR CORE 20 power tool. You’ll get the job done in a fraction of time it would take using manual tools. Use the universal tool for this type of job.

Sanding & removing paint from aluminium.

You’re not just restricted to wood with an electrical scraping tool. You can also use it on aluminium. This means you can scrape paint off garden furniture, aluminium window frames, and even boats! Any stubborn dirt or debris including adhesives can be easily removed.

Removing old sealant around bathroom tiles

Sealant can go mouldy over time but can be replaced. Dirty or mouldy sealant looks unsightly and spoils the appearance of a bath or kitchen sink. Using the chisel tool on your Skil electrical scraper, remove the sealant, before cleaning the area with white spirit on a damp cloth.

Cutting light materials

Even though this tool was not originally conceived for extensive cutting work, such task can still be performed with the right head. Nevertheless, we recommend to focus on light materials such as soft & thin wood or light plastic. If you are looking for heavy cutting, you should take a look to our other articles about saws and other power tools !

Any other alternative?

Our alternatives
Dremel MM50-01

Well, if after reading this article you’re still not convinced of the SKIL PWR CORE 20 added value, there are some good alternatives you should consider. Among the different products we have reviewed and tested, a few notable ones have surfaced. Below is a selection of 2 additional oscillating scrapers of good quality.

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